How Does the CSF Work?

Employee donations are the life force of CSF. These donations are carefully managed by a Board of Trustees that represents that MIT community, involving faculty, students, staff of MIT and Lincoln Lab, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, and retirees for a three-year term.

The CSF Board accepts applications for funding three times a year and makes three types of allocations:

  • Grants to MIT students, faculty, staff, and retirees for their community service initiatives.
  • Support for the work of local community organizations through an allocation distributed and overseen by the MIT Office of Government and Community Relations.
  • Support for community service events and programs that promote MIT volunteerism through an allocation to the MIT Public Service Center.

See the impact your contribution makes:

  • $5 monthly donation = materials for 2 MITXplore lesson plans
  • $10 monthly donation = 49 meals for homeless diners at Project Manna
  • $25 monthly donation = 1 week of food, lodging, and activities for a Camp Kesem camper
  • $100 monthly donation = 95 students’ school supplies at Tutoring Plus

Your donations are hard at work:

In the last 5 years, over 98% of every donation to CSF went to a community organization or project.  Our only operating expenses are for hosting board meetings, paying for postage, copying, and printing.  That is pretty hard to beat.