SHINE for Girls

November 14, 2013

SHINE for Girls received a grant for their project that combines dance and academics to strengthen confidence in girls. Through mentorship, tutoring, and dance practice, their group wants to ensure that every girl has access to academic support, as well as healthy and creative endeavors.
Through their CSF grant, they were able to host their 8 week program. Kirin Sinha ’14 has this to say about her experience:
“During the program, we were able to watch the girls break out of their shells and become more confident in their own ability to succeed in any endeavor. We heard teachers and parents alike tell us about how girls that would never speak up in class began participating, and how their grades improved. From our entrance and exit surveys we saw that 100 percent of the girls improved in both math grades and confidence levels. The girls improved on average 40 percent in their math scores, moving from an average grade of a C to an A, and they improved 46 percent on their confidence levels. Moreover, the girls each formed personal connections with their mentors from SHINE and looked to them as a source of support. One of the girls gave the following testimonial:

I love SHINE! It is simply magical there. I went into this program unconfident dancing with other girls I didn’t know and by the end, that totally changed! I made a lot of friends through dancing with them and talking to them about the math practice that was given us. The staff there are so great, giving their students hope in everything and they are happy to help all the time! This is a program I highly recommend to each and every girl.
We have been very pleased with the results from SHINE and the feedback we have received. Our summer session opened us up to 4 new schools in the Boston area, which is partially what encouraged us to expand our program and curriculum.”

Great work SHINE for Girls and THANK YOU to the Community Service Fund contributors who made their grant possible. To learn more about SHINE for Girls, visit their website here! They were also featured in an MIT News article, which can be seen here.